Hello, traveler! If you’re reading this, you have either read one of my book, or you stumbled into this website by chance. In any case, I’ll do my best to make it worth your time.

My name is Ernesto Pavan and I write… weird stuff. As in “self-aware lesbian zombies in a world where the apocalypse happens in one’s heart” weird. Or… wait, maybe I shouldn’t spoil the next books.

This website will help you know what my books are and how you can get them, who I am, and even more! If you find anything interesting, you may want to subscribe to my mailing list: I will never spam you, and you will have access to exclusive content, previews, and more! Not to mention that you get to read more stuff written by Yours Truly.

Here’s a quick tour: you can learn more about my books here, find some info about me here, and send me a message from here. Oh, and if you’re interested in my meditations and unsolicited opionions, you can read my blog page here. I plan to keep this website up to date, so don’t forget to come back every now and then!

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